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Traduções para back no dicionário Inglês»Francês

1. back:

dos m
to turn one's back on sb/sth lit, fig
to do sth behind sb's back lit, fig
get off my back inf!

4. back (rear-facing part):

dos m

1. back (indicating return after absence):

Veja também: wall, scratch, own, hand, duck, beyond, answer

5. wall fig:

mur m

I.own [Brit əʊn, Am oʊn] ADJ (belonging to particular person, group etc)

1. hand ANAT:

hands off inf!
pas touche! inf
hands off inf!

7. hand (possession):

I.beyond [bɪˈjɒnd] PREP Beyond is often used with a noun to produce expressions like beyond doubt, beyond a joke, beyond the grasp of, beyond the bounds of etc. For translations of these and similar expressions where beyond means outside the range of, consult the appropriate noun entry ( doubt, joke, grasp, bound, etc.). See also I. 3. below.

I.answer [Brit ˈɑːnsə, Am ˈænsər] SUBST