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I . what [(h)wɒt, Am (h)wʌt] PRON

1. what interrog (asking for specific information):

what on earth ...? fam
was in aller Welt ...? fam
what the hell [or heck] ...? fam!, what the fuck ...? vulg
was zum Teufel ...? sl
what about sb/sth? fam
what for? (why)
what for? fam (why is sth being done?)
what if ...?
was ist, wenn ...?
or what? fam
oder was? fam
so what? fam
na und? fam


what gives? fam

III . what [(h)wɒt, Am (h)wʌt] ADV inv

2. what (indicating approximation):

3. what dated fam (used for emphasis or to invite agreement):


IV . what [(h)wɒt, Am (h)wʌt] INTERJ

2. what (showing surprise or disbelief):


what PRON

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what PRON

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what ˈfor SUBST no pl fam

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