This is the team of the department "Foreign Rights & Co-Productions" of the PONS GmbH

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Urike Keppler is the head of the licensing department at PONS

Ulrike Keppler

Head of Foreign Rights and Co-Productions

+49711-89 462-120

+49711-89 462-159

Marina Mack is responsible for marketing materials, digital licenses and distribution of ebooks and audiobooks

Marina Mack

Rights Manager

+49711-89 462-121

+49711-89 462-159

Ramona Rad is responsible for various administrative jobs

R. Rad


+49711-89 462-102

+49711-89 462-159

Dietmar Häsler

Dietmar Häsler

Key Account & Rights Manager

+49711-89 462-143

+49711-89 462-159

Andrea Morun is responsible for accounting at the PONS licensing team

Andrea Morun

Administration & Accounting

+49711-89 462-123

+49711-89 462-159

Home address

PONS Langenscheidt GmbH
Foreign Rights and Co-Productions
Stoeckachstr. 11
70190 Stuttgart

Postal address

PONS Langenscheidt GmbH
Foreign Rights and Co-Productions
P.O. Box 10 60 16
70049 Stuttgart


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